Piano and musical instrument transfer services


μεταφορ΄΄ες πιάνων από την Astra


Εγγύηση της Astra για την μεταφορά πιάνου


Transport Pianos

Astra Transport is the most modern and reliable company for the transportation of pianos and musical instruments in Greece. We transfer any musical instrument demonstrating the sensitivity and special care that this requires.

Especially the transfer of a piano is a difficult task due to its volume (irregular shape), its weight and the sensitivity of the instrument to any blow. The cost of the piano is extremely large and for this reason the transfer must be done by specialists.

Astra Conveyor with the most modern equipment available, can guarantee the transfer of your favorite musical instrument safely, without the risk of damaging it. You can trust us to transfer any musical instrument, always with the same care for safe transportation that distinguishes our company.

The carriage of the piano is as if it were ours!

Το προσωπικό για την μεταφορά των πιάνων

The transfer of musical instruments and pianos has developed greatly in recent years. In the past decades there were no transport companies that included the transport of musical instruments in their services. So anyone who wanted to carry a piano or other musical instrument from one place to another, forced to rely on its own strengths but also on the help of people who were unrelated to the space. Of course, once again, private individuals were targeted at transport companies in order to organise the transport, but there were also large problems.

For example, their staff were unskilled or there were no suitable spaces for storing pianos and other musical instruments after their transportation. So although the movement of pianos and other musical instruments was done, many times the music instruments destroyeded because there were no suitable storage spaces, after the transfer and until the interested person received them. Now all these incidents are in the past as the transportation of pianos and other musical instruments is a very organized and special service that most transport companies provide.

Metafora pianou apo tin Astra Metaforiki

Have you ever considered how a piano can be transported? How is it possible to move this extremely large and heavy object even for a few meters? Reality is about as you imagine it. The piano transfer is an extremely difficult task.

To move a piano they need precision instruments and numerous staff. Starting the transport crew tries to remove from the main volume of the piano any pieces detached from it. Once this process is finished, the piano is packed with special ingredients to protect it from any blows. It is then placed on a special lifting machine and is laced with special straps. So it moves up to the Astra’s Transport truck and the same procedure is followed and then to be placed in the place indicated by the individual.

Then unpack and assemble the main part with the pieces that were removed. Now the piano transfer has become less complicated and Astra transport provides this service to individuals. The risk and danger are clearly different sizes than before as today there are the appropriate machines that allow Astra to organize a piano transfer more easily.