There are different kinds of moving. The simple and the most complex moves. The removals of professional space and the removals of domestic space and things by extension. There are a few removals that the volume and the number of things are quite limited and so the move can be more easily organized by individuals without the help of a professional.

Things are completely different, though, when we deal with the transport of pianos and other musical instruments. The transfer of pianos or other musical instruments is a process that can certainly not be undertaken by a private individual. First of all pianos and most musical instruments have such a volume that it is impossible to move them ourselves from one room to another-let alone carry them out of the house. Imagine the risk of transferring a piano or cello from floor to floor! It is here that individuals should ask for the assistance of a professional if they do not want to risk the integrity of their musical instruments.

Many are the transport companies that undertake the transportation of pianos and musical instruments , but Astra not only makes it easy and fast with the use of suitable machines, but also economical. Our prices are very accessible to the public and you will surely be satisfied if we undertake the transfer of pianos and all your musical instruments!

See below some of our permanent customers.

  • Athens Concert Hall
  • Thessaloniki Concert Hall
  • National Lyrical Stage
  • National Symphony Orchestra of Nerit
  • Greek Festival S.A.
  • Onassis Cultural Center
  • Karidas Ch. Ioannis (Music house)
  • Society Friends of Music
  • conservatory ATHENEUM
  • Conservatory of Athens
  • Circle ENSEMBLE
  • Orchestra of colors
  • Mikis Theodorakis Orchestra
  • Nafplio Festival
  • Cultural center of Delfoi
  • Benaki Museum
  • Goulandri Museum
  • Byzantine Museum
  • Festival Aigalaioy “Thespis”
  • Cultural center of the municipality of Papagou
  • Cultural center of Municipality Kifisias
  • Cultural center of the municipality of Amarousiou
  • Cultural center of the municipality of Dionisou
  • Cultural center of the municipality of Kallithea
  • Cultural center of the municipality of Elefsinas
  • Stickerman tables in Canvas